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Kuldeep Yadav and origin of the word Chinaman

What a debut it has been for “chinaman” Kuldeep Yadav. His expressive celebration when he got his first test wicket said how much it meant to him to represent India in Test Cricket. A 5-wicket haul today would have made it an unforgettable day for him but anyway four wicket is no less an achievement as he turned the tide in favour of India.

If you are wondering why Kuldeep Yadav being a left handed bowler is called a Chinaman bowler and Jadeja isn’t. Let me solve that puzzle for you.

A left handed spinner who bowls over the wrist and gets ball turn into right hander, which Kuldeep Yadav does, is called a Chinaman bowler whereas Jadeja is an orthodox left handed bowler who uses his fingers to spin the ball away from right hander.

The origin of name “Chinaman” has a story behind it.

It is said that former West Indian left arm orthodox spinner Ellis Achong, of chinese ancestry, in 1933 test match, out of nowhere bowled an over the wrist ball that turned from off to leg and got batsman Walter Robins stumped. It is believed that while he walked back he said ” Fancy being done by a bloody Chinaman” and from then on left arm “over the wrist” bowlers are called Chinaman.


Tough days ahead for Virat Kohli

All champion sides have one thing in common: they have an aura that creates fear in opponents and makes opponents lose the game in their mind even before the real game has begun. West Indies in late 70s & 80s and Australia on either side of millennium were such champion teams.

Team India enjoy such an aura at their home turf.Teams lose their sleep just at the thought of playing a test series in India. They have an enviable record at home. Since the start of new millennium, India has lost just three test series out of twenty nine test series played at home turf.

Current series, against Australia, is India’s 30th home test series since the start of new millennium and Australia, against all odds, beat India in India after 4502 days in the first test of the current series. Chink in India’s armour has been exposed by Aussies. This was certainly not in the script for VIrat Kohli & Co. It may have dented their confidence but the real character of a champion team is reflected at the face of adversity and if India feels that they are champion side then now is the perfect time to show their character.

Aussies were unexpectedly mute before the start of the series and now it seems that their silence was indication of the upcoming storm. That storm has hit India hard and handed India their second biggest loss at home turf. Aussies were buoyant after this win. If it was any other team then they would have got carried away with this surprise win and would have lost the focus but Aussie belong to altogether different breed. When they smell the blood, they don’t wait for their prey to commit mistakes, they pounce and go for kill. They would go all out in Bengaluru to take invincible lead of 2-0. 

VIrat Kohli has his task cut out because not only the next test or the series is on the line but also India’s aura of champion at home turf is in danger. Tough days are ahead for Virat Kohli in this series  but it should not bother either Virat Kohli or Indian cricket team fans because it is these difficult moments that separate the men from the boys. Time to see who all are the men in this Indian team. Kohli, Ashwin, Pujara, Nair ?

Dhoni: Our Hero Our Inspiration

Tears in his eyes & Smile on his face MSD bids adieu to Test cricket

Mid 90s, crowded streets of a small town, a maidaan (not even a playground), a boy with his dreams and determination, were the ingredients for making of an unbelievable story: Story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Destiny’s favorite child.

His story is not just his own, it is the story that every small town boy dreams of, a dream to conquer the world and Dhoni made that dream a reality. He is our hero, he is our inspiration.

It seems like yesterday when I saw him first playing for Bihar and then subsequently when making a debut for India. Expectations from him were very high, his success was attached to the future of many small town boys who dreamt of doing the same in other fields and he didn’t disappoint us. He made his name and inspired millions of small town boys like me. He made us believe that we can be world-beaters too.

He led by example, which was seldom seen in Indian cricket. He didn’t drag his Test cricket career like a few of our Indian greats did. He didn’t create any fuss, neither he bid adieu to millions of his fans. He just walked away respectfully which was never done in Indian cricket since the time I started watching cricket. That’s typical Dhoni; no one else in Indian cricket can have guts to do so.

Still, I find some people spewing venom against him. I can’t feel anything but sheer disgust for such people. They say Dhoni is not an attacking captain in test cricket. I just wonder how much test cricket these experts have really seen. Haven’t they seen Dhoni attacking opposition when he captains in ODIs or Test Matches in India. He is forced to be defensive overseas because he doesn’t have enough resources for those conditions. Its laughable that a man who gave us best moments of our life by winning two World Cups, a Champions Trophy and made India number one Test side, could be questioned for his captaincy skills.

Most of the players that India feel proud of are finds of Dhoni, he backed them when everyone else was questioning their place in team. If Dhoni didn’t back his players, we wouldn’t have seen Kohli, Murli Vijay or Rahane and wouldn’t have the opportunity to marvel on their batting skills. But today is not the day to analyze all this. It would be done when Dhoni would finally hang his boots.

His contribution to Indian Test cricket is immense. Playing 90 Test matches for India, most dismissals as a wicketkeeper for India, most runs as a wicketkeeper-batsman for India, most Test wins as a Captain of India- it’s a phenomenal record that Dhoni can be very proud of. And for smart theorist who says that Dhoni didn’t like Test cricket, nobody plays 90 Test matches and score almost 5000 Test runs without liking it, so stop this nonsense argument.

He remained a selfless team man till the last day of his Test career and going by Indian psyche he could have carried on playing to complete his 5000 test runs, could have played 10 more Test and would have entered into exclusive club of 100 Test playing greats of game but unlike others he seldom looked for personal landmarks.

He just took off with his Helicopter, which mesmerizes us. Hope he doesn’t do the same in ODIs because millions of fans would want to say thanks to Dhoni for giving us most memorable moments of our lives, small town boys like me would like to also thank him for sowing seeds of belief in us that one day we can also become world champions in our field. Don’t vanish form ODIs like you did in Test cricket even if you don’t want a great send-off. You can’t rob us of our chance to say Thank You Captain Cool but secretly I would be wishing that you would never retire and keep winning trophies for India and make us proud like you always do.

Thank You MSD

You are my hero

This article has also been published at TheNewsMinute here

Why can’t India win overseas Test Matches

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Whenever someone is quizzed about dismal performance of India in overseas test matches, obvious reply would be “ IPL is killing Test Matches “. IPL is blamed for all ills, technical flaws of Batsmen, Hard hands, stroke making blah blah.. If IPL was killing Indian cricket, why didn’t it kill South African & Australian Test cricket whose players are important part of IPL. De Villers, Faf, Warner, Steve Smith, Johnson, Morkel, and Steyn are star performers at IPL but they are Test match winners for their national team too. There has to be something wrong more than IPL, which is killing our Test Cricket.

India plays ODIs round the year and mostly on flat tracks. If opposition scores 350 they would score 351, if opposition scores 400, they would score 401. They are King of flat tracks. But when balls starts to Swing then even Double Hundred makers of Indian team find it hard to even open their score. So it was not surprising that our team packed its bag in two, two and a half days in England in test matches. In era of Fav 5- Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Ganguly and Sehwag, Indian batting was invincible in swinging, seaming, spinning, fast, slow every kind of pitch. Indian batting superiority faded away with fading away of these Giants of Indian cricket. What’s appalling is Indian Batsmen now a days doesn’t even know how to negotiate spinners. Spinners like Moeen Ali, Lyon whom Siddhu can go out in his wedding suit and still hit them for six sixes have become tormentors for present generation of Indian batsmen. We now don’t see a dancing down Ganguly or paddling Sachin nor we see wristy flicks of Laxman or classic leaning cover drive of Dravid. Now we only see apprehensive shuffle across the crease by Indian batsmen against spinners. There is definitely something wrong with mindset of these batsmen as ability of Indian players to hit spinners out of the park at will cant go away in a jiffy.

But a question may arise that Sachin started playing in 1989, Dravid, Ganguly & Laxman in 1996 still India didn’t win overseas matches at that time. So what was it that made India win overseas Test matches? Fav Five taught India how to draw a test match. It was belief in the team & bowlers who could take 20 wickets that made India win overseas Test Matches. If you listen to any interview of Ganguly, he would tell you in each of his interview that team put winning overseas test as their number one priority. They made plan and worked accordingly. They took pride in every overseas win. So how come such a successful captain like Dhoni doesn’t have same plan or same intensity? In my opinion no captain plays to lose and definitely not when he goes by name Dhoni, one of the most successful captain of India. What Dhoni doesn’t have is pack of bowlers who can take 20 wickets. Look at the bowling line up of Team India; you would know there is a big problem when a Karn Sharma or a Jadeja is your lead spinner in Test Matches. They are not even a pale shadow of Kumble or Harbhajan. A high-class spinner in India is many times more endangered than Indian Lions are. Ishant Sharma, who wakes up once in blue moon and performs for India, leads Indian bowling attack; he averages 37 and has a strike rate of over 65. This is nowhere near to record of any lead bowler of any other team. Our bowlers are seldom in wicket taking rhythm. They are always in run giving mode, most often at rate of four and above. No team in world could win test matches with such bowling attack. Whenever India took 20 wickets, it either won test match or came close to winning it. Our Batsmen can step up their game and make India draw test matches but to win we need Steyns and Johnsons of world or another kumble or Harbhajan. Till that time we have to be content with flukes like Lords Test or may be this Boxing Day would be different as it was in 2010 when Zaheer, Sreesanth, Harbhajan stepped up their game and won Test Match for India against South Africa. This boxing day I, with millions of other Indians, would wake up again in early morning with hope that Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Ashwin would step up their game and win this boxing round for India. But again if it happens it would be a fluke.