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Tough days ahead for Virat Kohli

All champion sides have one thing in common: they have an aura that creates fear in opponents and makes opponents lose the game in their mind even before the real game has begun. West Indies in late 70s & 80s and Australia on either side of millennium were such champion teams.

Team India enjoy such an aura at their home turf.Teams lose their sleep just at the thought of playing a test series in India. They have an enviable record at home. Since the start of new millennium, India has lost just three test series out of twenty nine test series played at home turf.

Current series, against Australia, is India’s 30th home test series since the start of new millennium and Australia, against all odds, beat India in India after 4502 days in the first test of the current series. Chink in India’s armour has been exposed by Aussies. This was certainly not in the script for VIrat Kohli & Co. It may have dented their confidence but the real character of a champion team is reflected at the face of adversity and if India feels that they are champion side then now is the perfect time to show their character.

Aussies were unexpectedly mute before the start of the series and now it seems that their silence was indication of the upcoming storm. That storm has hit India hard and handed India their second biggest loss at home turf. Aussies were buoyant after this win. If it was any other team then they would have got carried away with this surprise win and would have lost the focus but Aussie belong to altogether different breed. When they smell the blood, they don’t wait for their prey to commit mistakes, they pounce and go for kill. They would go all out in Bengaluru to take invincible lead of 2-0. 

VIrat Kohli has his task cut out because not only the next test or the series is on the line but also India’s aura of champion at home turf is in danger. Tough days are ahead for Virat Kohli in this series  but it should not bother either Virat Kohli or Indian cricket team fans because it is these difficult moments that separate the men from the boys. Time to see who all are the men in this Indian team. Kohli, Ashwin, Pujara, Nair ?


Sourav Ganguly : Man who changed Indian Cricket


No Indian Cricket player has been ever subjected to kind of varied reactions/emotions that Sourav Ganguly faced. He was hated one moment and loved the very next. People and experts loved to hate him. His arrogance, his sense of entitlement of being King of Indian Cricket, his clumsy fielding and running, all of it made people to hate him but all his flaws were forgotten when he played his exquisite shots through the off-side, his captaincy, his never say die attitude while captaining India was loved by every cricket lover in India.

His biggest contribution was that he made Indian Team “bunch of fighters”. They started to see opponent in the eyes and started to play fearless cricket. He backed players who he thought would turn into match winners and brought in players like Yuvraj, Harbhajan, Sehwag, Zaheer Khan in team India and they turned out to be match winners in coming years. Under his captaincy a road-map was created to make India winners at overseas tests which resulted in India being No. 1 test team under Dhoni. He created the solid foundation which was responsible for India’s success in first decade of new millennium.

Cheers to Dada and cheers to all the success that we saw under Sourav Ganguly Official

And remember, of all the characters of World Cricket, only Ganguly could have done, what he did at Lords Balcony. have a look


In Reply To Tom Alter

With Test No 1 Trophy

Dear Tom Alter

I know that you are sulking with reasons best known to you. But let me clear some cobwebs of your brain.

You said that two players left series overseas and were branded as traitors but you didn’t tell that circumstances were different then. Dhoni didn’t leave the series, he retired when series was done and dusted with Australia taking invincible lead. Earlier instances of players leaving were may be of proving a point to others/selectors/captains whereas Dhoni did it to prolong his ODI career that he loves the most.

Your second point is “Mahendra Singh Dhoni chooses to exit before he is removed – and with arrogance, such blind faith in his image.” What you call as arrogance is matter of respectfully retiring which is not done by any Indian greats in last 25 years. But I guess you have blind faith in earlier pattern of dragging career till the time fans start to abuse and players are forced to retire. It is always said that a player should retire when people ask – why and not when. You seem to be a fan of when.

Your third point is about being bosses’ favourite and money. For your information he is people’s favourite first and has made his name long before his alleged proximity with Srinivasan. Let me ask you when Sachin retired last year did he break any contract? When Kumble retired middle of the series did he break any contract? I didn’t see any scathing comments from you then. Can I ask, why you were silent then? A player has his prerogative to decide when to retire. Of all things he has done, least he would bother to go and ask some Tom Alter to decide about his retirement timing. So please don’t suggest him when to retire and what to do.

And then you insinuate that one of the reasons Dhoni was at helm for long was because he is loved by corporate. FYI Kohli is equally loved by corporate. So would you say that he has been named Captain because of it? Answer for me is a big NO. They both got captaincy because of their leadership quality and great performances. You are free to believe otherwise.

Let me ask you when was the last time you watched cricket. You say that Dhoni had not played any competitive cricket for two months before the second Test, and we take him back as both captain and player. So by your logic Captain should be changed after every off-season of two months. I would really like to know from you that when did that happen in cricketing history. Answer would be never or may be once or twice in history. So why should that apply to Dhoni? Answer would be best known to you.

Equally laughable is your comment that now country has became all about image building and history doesn’t matter. Let me tell you some history that you chose to forgot. Dhoni won two World Cups, One Champions Trophy and made India No 1 side in Tests. Yes I know you would like to remind people of overseas loss. But let me enlighten you why India didn’t win matches overseas and why it may lose last one at Sydney too. Its because with such pathetic bowling line up even combined captaincy brain of Imran, Steve Waugh, and Ganguly would find it hard to win matches. If Dhoni was not good captain, he would not have won in India too.

It’s not Dhoni who broke the sacred bond but it’s you and other media persons who are trying to break bond between Indian cricket and its lovers by painting a very grim scenario just before the World Cup. Such a damming article without even thinking of how it affects players’ morale tell us how much you love Indian Cricket. In my opinion it is not Dhoni but you who should be banned from further writing on cricket.

Get well soon Tom, I still watch first interview of Sachin that you took and still love every moment of it.

With Love

From an Indian Cricket & Dhoni Fan

This article has also been published at sportskeeda here

Cricket robs our pocket and some times our life

What is an Indian cricket fan’s perfect day? A wholesome entertainment by its loved cricketers and some nail-biting stuffs inside a packed stadium. And it was a perfect day for the fan inside me when I learnt that my friends have procured tickets for CSK vs DD match.
I was looking forward to see few helicopter shots by our beloved team India captain MSD, few eye catching and mind boggling shots by Viru and to see latest sensation Sir Jadeja in action.
So, with all these expectations I left my home at 5:30. Yes… To get a good seat in stadium you need to be at least 2 hours before time. Unfortunately, I miscalculated Police management, or should I say mismanagement, the scene outside Ferozshah Kotla was a complete chaos.
Police tried to be as polite to spectators as they could, but more often than not the real Delhi Police popped out of their skins. They tried to choke people by purposefully narrowing down the roads from both side of stadium. But these atrocities are not a talking point as common people face this everyday and this is just a meager price to see their beloved cricketers in action. We are inured to such things.
I felt lucky to enter the stadium without breaking any bones and saving my 6-month old broken shoulder. My miscalculation made me late by half an hour to get a good seat or should I say even a seat anywhere. I reached stadium at 6:30 pm. But these things didn’t lessen my excitement. I looked around the ground to take a glimpse of my favourite cricketers, here comes Dhoni, there is Viru chatting and smiling.
People started chanting ‘Dhoni… Dhoni, Viru… Viru’ . Everything looked good and exciting. Suddenly, I heard a noise as some log fell behind me. When I looked back, a young man was lying on the floor unconscious or perhaps dead.
He fell from a small grill around stairs of ground floor, it might sound an accident to you but for me it was a murder due to mismanagement. BCCI, on an average, earns at least Rs 50 crores from ticket sales per match and in return they give a gross mismanagement, a lot many accidents and few deaths. I have never heard of a company who earns this much gives such a brutal experience to its customers.
My friends and me could not enjoy a ball after that accident. That young man lying on the floor, perhaps dead, had engrossed my mind. I could not Enjoy Dhoni’s power pact performance or Hussey’s class. We few were left feeling alone and disturbed in that ground.
Others unaware of the accident enjoyed their perfect day. If that was not enough some drunken people sat on that very risky grill, when people tried to stop them they hurled abuses at them.
When people tried to seek attention of police to take those few drunken man to task, Indian police remained true to its spirit, they quietly left the place without uttering a single word.
Our evening has turned gloomy. We left the match in middle overs of the second innings because Viru was out or perhaps the death of young man knocked us out.
Tomorrow I am going with new excitement to watch our cricketing God in MI vs DD match. I expect same chaos and same mismanagement but I pray to god no deaths or accidents… Please god, we don’t deserve this. BCCI will certainly not pay attention, I wish God listens to us. My experience of Kumbh Mela was much better although that was not money making venture.