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Story of Major Dhyan Chand 

National Sports Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of legendary Dhyan Chand on 29th August.

Today we marvel at Bolts & Phelps of this world but if social medial was there at his time, Dhyan Chand would have been a much loved and famous international star. (He was loved anyway )

Some know and unknown stories about the wizard of hockey.
1.Dhyan Chand ‘s original name was Dhyan Singh. Chand was added by his teammates because he waited for moon(chand) to come out to practice. (Floodlights concept came much later ) & hence Dhyan Singh became Dhyan Chand.
2. He along with his teammates won India 3 Olympic gold in 1928,1932,1936. ( India won 6 Olympic consecutive Gold in hockey). His brother Roop Singh was also a great player & world knew them as Hockey Twins.
3. In 1932 Olympics, India beat USA 24-1 , Dhyan Chand scored 8 goals and his brother Roop Singh 10 in that match.
4. In 1936 Olympics, India beat Germany 8-1 in front of Hitler. Dhyan Chand scored 3 goals but is wrongly reported as 6 everywhere. legend has it that the performance of India forced Hitler to leave the match mid-way. Hitler called Dhyan Chand after match and offered him to join German Army with higher rank . Dhyan Chand rejected offer saying in hindi that India is my country and I am fine there.
5. After watching Dhyan Chand play , Sir Don Bradman said “He scores goals like runs in cricket.” Not a bad compliment coming from a man who averaged 99.94 in test matches.
6. It is also said that once Dhyan Chand was unable to score in a match, he argued with match referee that goal post was shorter than it should be & when goal post was measured he was proved right.
7. It is also said that his control on the ball was developed because he used to run with ball on rail lines for 1 or 2 kms without letting ball fall off the rail lines.
Dhyan Chand was greatest sportsperson that India produced but India didn’t care about him & his last days were horrible. Dhyan Chand had liver cancer, was short of money and was admitted to general ward of AIIMS. That was sad end of legend.