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Time to give Cristiano Ronaldo his due 

Ronaldo is often not given his due by football lovers and experts. He is looked down by many experts when they compare him to Messi. His perceived arrogance and so-called narcissism are given as reasons for not giving Ronaldo his due.
On the other hand , Barcelona have recently started a campaign on Twitter with hashtag #WeAreAllLeoMessi in support of Messi after his conviction for tax evasion in Spanish court. A man convicted of tax evasion is still loved by experts but Ronaldo, who does charity and had shown many a time his helping side, is hated on a flimsy ground of alleged arrogance and narcissism.
Of course, Tax division doesn’t make Messi a lesser footballer but certainly makes him a lesser man. Similarly perceived arrogance and narcissism do not make Ronaldo a lesser footballer. So if people are hell bent to compare these two then it should be done on footballing skills and not on personalities.
Ronaldo, year after year, has shown to the world that what a player he is. He has proved himself in two different leagues by winning trophies and scoring the highest number of goals in both leagues that he played in while Messi is still stuck in one league. Will Messi be as successful in other leagues, in the company of lesser players than what Barcelona used to have or is having, is a matter of fierce debate. Ronaldo has been successful under different coaches and under different kind of playing styles of coaches which shows his adaptability.
For last three years, Ronaldo is scoring more goals than Messi and it is shocking that the world still questions Ronaldo’s credentials. Ronaldo has achieved as much as Messi, if not more, by playing with less talented teams than Messi had/is playing. Barcelona comprising of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol etc were considered one of the best club teams of all time while Ronaldo played along-side talented but less revered players than Barcelona had . Ronaldo’s international team certainly has lesser international star than Messi’s Argentina and yet time and again Ronaldo takes his country to quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals of major tournaments.
Carrying the burden of hope of one’s country is not an easy task and certainly not easy when you are doing it alone, Ronaldo is doing it with ease since he was 19 years of age. He has yet again shown it at Euro Cup. He has bailed out Portugal when they were on the verge of getting knocked out by Hungry, he again shown his brilliance against Wales in semifinals of Euro Cup. In between, Portugal played a match against Poland and match went to penalties and how he inspired Mountinho is a story to be remembered.
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In finals when he was out in the first half due to injury and all seem to be doomed for Portugal, he didn’t lose his heart and came out to cheer for his teammates. His motivational skill was also on display in extra time when he was seen animated and giving instruction to his team-mates from the sidelines which were more than what Louis van Gaal did in whole season for Manchester United.
Regarding his aggression and ‘I am the best attitude’ , anyone who has faced tough situation in his growing years is susceptible to such attitude. Hardship in childhood makes anyone feel that the world is out there to deprive them of their rights. They have to constantly remind themselves that they are the best and they can beat the world who is out there to deprive them. Ask Zlatan Ibrahimovic if you don’t believe me. So anyone, who is evaluating Ronaldo, has to keep these facts in mind along with his off-field charities which show his good side too. And judging a person, who is scoring 50 goals per season, on his body language is idiotic.
This article is by no mean an attempt to put Messi down. Without a doubt, Messi is one of the best of all time and Ronaldo’s successful Euro Cup 2016 campaign shows that he is no less. Winning International Trophy may have taken his reputation above Messi and at par with past greats of the game. It’s high time that critics of Ronaldo and the world, in general, gives him due respect and we must feel fortunate to be watching two greats of the games Messi and Ronaldo trying to outclass each other.
the article was published on Sportskeeda first