Why Piers Morgan’s mocking tweet shouldn’t bother Indians 

​Piers Morgan , British journalist, had some fun at India’s expense. He mocked ‘over the top’ celebration of two losing medals by India. Some rightly responded to him in equal measures, Virender Sehwag being on the front foot. 

Of course, Piers wouldn’t understand why Indians celebrated winning two medals. When we strive for something and we get it, however less in number, then that becomes dearer to us. Same is the case with Olympic medals that’s why we celebrated it.  Any first needs to be celebrated; PV Sindhu became first Indian women to win a silver Medal and Sakshi Malik is the first women wrestler to win an olympic medal and that needs to be celebrated. Once we start winning like USA (imagine if that day comes in our lifetime)  there won’t be any celebration for winning silver and bronze.

Piers Morgan might have intention to insult us but he has a point. A country of 1.2 billion people celebrating 2 medals looks embarrassing to the world outside India. I may be misconstrued here, I am not saying we shouldn’t acknowledge or praise athletes who have won Silver or Bronze, we must be proud of those athletes but we must also be ashamed of our sporting system in our country that humilitaes us at international events.

We may say that winning Olympic medal was not our priority that’s why we don’t do well but when you participate in international events these excuses doesn’t work. Either you win or you lose, what matters is winning Gold ( if you want be a champion ) so world wouldn’t care that you have come out of a rotten system and being in Olympics is itself an achievement for you, all they care about is performance. You will be judged on how many Golds have you won. They will always see us as a country of 1.2 billion people performing badly at Olympics. 

So these mocking comments should not bother us and if it does, we should encourage/help our siblings,children, fellow citizens to pick up sports as career ( if they are good at it) and beat the shit out of at least Britain in coming Olympics. Britain doesn’t have Phelps,Bolts  of the World, beating them is not that difficult.


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