Other side of OP Jaisha story 

The social media outraged when news came that marathon runner OP Jaisha didn’t get water at booths installed for Indian runners. It was alleged that there was insensitivity from Indian officials. She said that she didn’t get water and energy drinks during the race under scorching heat and due to which she nearly died while running. 

That very day AFI clarified that they asked coach of OP Jaisha whether she wants personalised drinks/refreshments during her run and she replied no. People still didn’t believe in AFI side of story. 

A few hours later came statement from Kavita Raut, the other marathon runner, that she didn’t face any such issue. People dismissed her statement saying that she is under pressure and giving statement against AFI might ruin her career. 

Now her coach, Nikolai has come forward and clarified that AFI official has asked him about personalised drink and he said no to it as OP Jaisha herself had said no to it. He also stressed the point earlier made by AFI official that she has not used personalised drink in any of the race since he started coaching her and was alway satisfied with the water arrangement by organisers. 

May be it was Rio Olympics marathon organiser who didn’t perform their duty well and didn’t provide sufficient water at booths which has to be provided by them and not by Indian officials. 
People in India didn’t wait for the facts to come out and made AFI officials “The Villains” . Sometimes we don’t wait for facts to come out and outrage and when the truth comes out and we are proven wrong , we don’t believe in sharing the truth with others.


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