Farewell to Abhinav Bindra

Farewell to Abhinav Bindra

In his childhood, Abhinav Bindra was a fat boy. He was usual chubby boy who could not play any sport. His parents always pestered him to go out and play. To avoid the constant pestering of parents, he chose shooting as a sport. He thought that shooting would be easy of all sport because there was no running involved and all a person has to do is stand and shoot.

Of course, he was wrong as shooting is as much draining as any other sport but look, how a decision to be lazy changed his and India’s fortunes.

He has traveled long way since then, He has won Four Gold, two silver, one bronze medal in Commonwealth games, One Gold in World Shooting Championship, One Silver and two Bronze medals in Asian Games for India. And above all, how can we forgot the Gold medal that he won at Beijing Olympics. Thanks for providing India her moment of glory by winning India’s lone Individual Olympic Gold Medal at Beijing. Thanks for giving us one of the most memorable moments of our life.

His legacy is not just these medals that he won but the inspiration that he provided to generation of Indian shooters to strive for glory. His journey is worth remembering, and the path that he set is worth following.

As he walks,without any fuss, into the sunset, one thing is certain that he will be sorely missed.

Goodbye Champion. Thanks for memories


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