Chennai Super Kings breached the MI Fortress

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are the two heavyweights of the IPL. Since the first edition with CSK having India’s most successful captain as their icon player and MI having world’s most loved batsmen as theirs, both teams continued to compete fiercely.

Both teams have (and always had) some of the big names of world cricket in their teams apart from the fact that big industrial houses own both teams. Expectations have been high from them since the start of the IPL. Chennai Super Kings have (more) often fulfilled those expectations till last year when Mumbai Indians outperformed them in the IPL as well as Champions League.

Chennai Super Kings have been outdone only by Mumbai Indians in league phases of IPL. Mumbai Indians has better win record of 8-4 against CSK in league phases but CSK fans always felt proud of their team’s record in knockout stages. However, but they had a shock of their lives when Mumbai triumphed over CSK in last year’s IPL final. That was a painful moment for all CSK fans. Mumbai Indians never allowed CSK to win at Wankhede and now this final loss rubbed salt on the injury.


Super Kings and Mumbai Indians have had the most vocal and active fans on social media among all IPL teams. On ground Mumbai Indians always remained a challenger to CSK’s supremacy in IPL. When allegation of match fixing surfaced, Super Kings fans were trolled on social media, It was as if Super Kings’ didn’t deserve the victory or the championship that they won or respect that they command, everyone tried to undermine the glorious history of Super Kings, sadly among all Mumbai Indians fans, who were on cloud nine after winning IPL6 by defeating Super Kings in final, were on fore-front of all this    .

Diatribe among both teams’ fans became order of the day on social media. This made rivalry ugly between fans of Mumbai Indians and CSK. The rivalry is developing on the lines of Real Madrid-Barcelona or Manchester United- Liverpool rivalry. This rivalry is set to grow further in coming years.

Nothing could have satisfied super kings more than winning against Mumbai Indians specially in their fortress i.e. Wankhede.

In this match after the fall of du Plessis wicket on slinga Malinga yorkers, Super Kings’ fans were exasperated; they feared another loss at wankhede but Dhoni with his typical match-finishing effort made sure that this night belongs to Super Kings’ fans. Dhoni and Co., with the best captain and armoury, outdid and handled them a double whammy this season (in the UAE and Wankhede). Victory at Mumbai Indians’ fortress i.e. Wankhede made this victory sweetest for the Super kings’ fans. For them this season is all about return of pride and certainly breaching the fortress of Mumbai Indians and flying Yellow flag high midst ocean of blue was one of the proud moments for them.