When Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” he certainly didn’t have any idea that someone with the name ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ would arrive on the scene someday and change his age old adage.

Sachin Tendulkar is the name that every Indian parent want their sons to be, Sachin Tendulkar is the name that every sportsperson in this country wants to be, Sachin Tendulkar is the name every Indian loves to love, Sachin Tendulkar is the name that is respected by sportsperson all over the world. Sachin Tendulkar is synonymous with talent, hard work, determination, success, humility, dignity, and greatness.

What were we doing at the age of 16? Busy with some math’s problem that seemed will bring the end of our world or chasing a girl whose smile made our day. This man, at the age of 16 years 233 days, was facing the dangerous trio of Imran khan, Wasim Akram, and Waqar Younis. He was special could be seen in his debut series but nobody could have imagined that a billion people’s hope and the dream will be carried by this boy named Sachin Tendulkar.

What is one thing that separates greats from mere mortals: talent? determination? These are technical terms that have been repeated oft times. What separates great from mortals is that the greats drive people crazy. They have an instant connect with masses and people live their dream through lives of great people. They don’t have fans or followers, they have devotees. Sachin Tendulkar has a billion plus devotees that many religions in the world cannot boast of.

In early 90’s, India was struggling in every aspect. Indian economy was at its lowest ebb; Society was divided after Babri Masjid demolition and Bombay bomb blast. India needed a ray of hope that can once again make Indians believe in themselves and coincidently Sachin Tendulkar came to foray at the same point in time.

Sachin is one of few threads that binds multicultural India. Every Indian cherishes his every run scored. A century by him rejuvenates every Indian and, as many statisticians say, it also rejuvenates Indian economy. India stands still when Sachin bats, his failure is seen as a personal failure and his success as a personal success.

During the struggling 90’s, Indian middle class was rising with rising Sachin Tendulkar. Indian started to dream big as was the dream of Sachin “To win World Cup for India”. India started to dream of becoming the super power of the world.

In the history of cricket, there was Bradman, there was Sobers, there was Lara, and there was Ponting, there was Kallis but none had to bear the burden of expectations of one billion people, this alone makes Sachin’s feat inhuman and, just for stats, look at his records: 463 ODIs, scored 18,426 runs and made 49 centuries with 62 MOM, none comes close to him in ODIs, from 1 to 10 it’s only Sachin Tendulkar in ODIs. In Test, he had competition from contemporaries like Dravid, Ponting etc and past greats like Gavaskar, Bradman etc but he surpassed all and scored at every corner of the world. There is very little left to doubt about his numero uno position.

Sachin inspired millions to take sports as a career in India from Saina to Sania from Dhoni to Yuvraj to Kohli to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, all came in sports inspired from one man called Sachin Tendulkar. No one, in any sport, has had this kind of impact in any part of the world. He inspired generations to follow their dream. He made cricket a religion and himself, undoubtedly, the God. Above all, his achievements inspire a billion people to dream big and work for excellence.

Happy Birthday GOD

From a Devotee

Chandan Kumar 

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Cricket robs our pocket and some times our life

What is an Indian cricket fan’s perfect day? A wholesome entertainment by its loved cricketers and some nail-biting stuffs inside a packed stadium. And it was a perfect day for the fan inside me when I learnt that my friends have procured tickets for CSK vs DD match.
I was looking forward to see few helicopter shots by our beloved team India captain MSD, few eye catching and mind boggling shots by Viru and to see latest sensation Sir Jadeja in action.
So, with all these expectations I left my home at 5:30. Yes… To get a good seat in stadium you need to be at least 2 hours before time. Unfortunately, I miscalculated Police management, or should I say mismanagement, the scene outside Ferozshah Kotla was a complete chaos.
Police tried to be as polite to spectators as they could, but more often than not the real Delhi Police popped out of their skins. They tried to choke people by purposefully narrowing down the roads from both side of stadium. But these atrocities are not a talking point as common people face this everyday and this is just a meager price to see their beloved cricketers in action. We are inured to such things.
I felt lucky to enter the stadium without breaking any bones and saving my 6-month old broken shoulder. My miscalculation made me late by half an hour to get a good seat or should I say even a seat anywhere. I reached stadium at 6:30 pm. But these things didn’t lessen my excitement. I looked around the ground to take a glimpse of my favourite cricketers, here comes Dhoni, there is Viru chatting and smiling.
People started chanting ‘Dhoni… Dhoni, Viru… Viru’ . Everything looked good and exciting. Suddenly, I heard a noise as some log fell behind me. When I looked back, a young man was lying on the floor unconscious or perhaps dead.
He fell from a small grill around stairs of ground floor, it might sound an accident to you but for me it was a murder due to mismanagement. BCCI, on an average, earns at least Rs 50 crores from ticket sales per match and in return they give a gross mismanagement, a lot many accidents and few deaths. I have never heard of a company who earns this much gives such a brutal experience to its customers.
My friends and me could not enjoy a ball after that accident. That young man lying on the floor, perhaps dead, had engrossed my mind. I could not Enjoy Dhoni’s power pact performance or Hussey’s class. We few were left feeling alone and disturbed in that ground.
Others unaware of the accident enjoyed their perfect day. If that was not enough some drunken people sat on that very risky grill, when people tried to stop them they hurled abuses at them.
When people tried to seek attention of police to take those few drunken man to task, Indian police remained true to its spirit, they quietly left the place without uttering a single word.
Our evening has turned gloomy. We left the match in middle overs of the second innings because Viru was out or perhaps the death of young man knocked us out.
Tomorrow I am going with new excitement to watch our cricketing God in MI vs DD match. I expect same chaos and same mismanagement but I pray to god no deaths or accidents… Please god, we don’t deserve this. BCCI will certainly not pay attention, I wish God listens to us. My experience of Kumbh Mela was much better although that was not money making venture.