IPL6 : Journey Continues


Cricket is played all around the world but it’s heart resides in India. Passion for cricket in India is unmatched. Inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007 was won by India, so it was inevitable: Rise and Rise of T20 cricket. IPL satiated all it’s demand and was perfect recipe for Indian mass who were high on T20 success of India. IPL was perfect mixture of excitement, entertainment and money. IPL made cricket alive and kicking.
In it’s journey of 5 years, IPL left cricket behind. Cricket was lost somewhere. Controversies , Night parties , allegation of match fixing and money laundering took centre stage. Its popularity took a nose dive and post 2011 ODI world cup win it further went down with poor performance of Team India on international Arena. There was no fun watching Rohit Sharma hitting sixes in IPL when he can’t perform in Indian Colours. People wanted cricket back. IPL6 seem to start afresh with new vigour, leaving all the controversies behind. People are thrilled with Team India’s recent performance and are looking forward to find another Ashwin from IPL6 for Team India. They are excited to know that Ishant Sharma will have inputs from great Waqar himself. Indian players have to learn from these greats. Ask any South African domestic player they will die to have an input from Great Kallis on batting or bowling. Experience of Kallis, Sangakara, Kevin Peterson, Dale Styne is up for grabs in IPL. It’s now time for Indian domestic player to make most of it.They should realise money in pocket does no harm but money in head does it a lot. And at the end of the day money is end result of performance.IPL is meant to benefit Indian Cricket and its shouting “utilise me”.
India is looking forward to IPL6 to get another Ashwin, Kohli or Raina, to see whether Sehwag has some fire left in him, to see if Rohit Sharma can make it to another level, to see Sachin-Styne tussle, to see Gayle-Storm, to have some excitement and to have much of cricket. Come Home IPL6, India is waiting